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Slow Travel Adventures

This blog is dedicated to my passion for slow travel: adventuring and exploring new places in my own way.

Slow adventures are about traveling on foot, bike, on a paddleboard or, in general, using a non motorized way of transport, moving slowly at your own pace.  I have dedicated most of my free time in the last few years to slow travel and I now want to share my experiences with you. 

Adventure travel is not necessarily about hardcore adventures: you can design your own slow adventures in the way it suits you most and I hope some of my adventure ideas, stories and tips will inspire you and help you planning  your next journey.

I don't want this to be just "another adventure travel blog": for this reason, I will also talk about different topics related to slow travel with a special focus on sustainable tourism, aiming to generate discussions, reflections and maybe controversy sometimes.

I definitely welcome and encourage any sort of feedback and contribution so, if you are interested in sharing your slow travel stories, please contact me on: 

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